Grepping disk usage for biggest folders

Finding where was free space gone and who that guy that should be cleared on a server can be a challenge
Unix as I know has no usable UI tools for that, but there is a console that has power.
How to find folders for cleanup on Unix/Linux/Ubuntu?
Here is a command for grepping folders/files that has Gigabytes of size

du -c -h | grep -P "G\t"

The same for Megabytes as well, but I guess not so usable at admin level, mostly good for user folders.

du -c -h | grep -P "M\t"

And here is a sample output for the first command

root@nas:/# du -c -h | grep -P "G\t"
1,5G ./usr
8,1G ./var/www/cache/sites/default/files/photos
9,3G ./var/www/cache/sites/default/files
9,3G ./var/www/cache/sites/default
9,3G ./var/www/cache/sites
9,5G ./var/www/cache
9,0G ./var/www/staging/sites/default/files
9,0G ./var/www/staging/sites/default
9,1G ./var/www/staging/sites
9,2G ./var/www/staging
22G ./var/www
1,6G ./var/lib/docker/aufs/diff
2,9G ./var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt
4,4G ./var/lib/docker/aufs
4,4G ./var/lib/docker
1,3G ./var/lib/jenkins/jobs
1,4G ./var/lib/jenkins

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