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Grepping disk usage for biggest folders

Finding where was free space gone and who that guy that should be cleared on a server can be a challenge
Unix as I know has no usable UI tools for that, but there is a console that has power.
How to find folders for cleanup on Unix/Linux/Ubuntu?
Here is a command for grepping folders/files that has Gigabytes of size

du -c -h | grep -P "G\t"

The same for Megabytes as well, but I guess not so usable at admin level, mostly good for user folders.

du -c -h | grep -P "M\t"

And here is a sample output for the first command

How to create dosboot image for grub for updating bios

I always having the issues during updating bios under linux/ubuntu.

All bios updaters developed by vendors for processing under DOS/Windows, but very small amount of them have thoughts about linux users.
I have written article about using flashrom application for updating bios in ubuntu/linux(in ukrainian), but it is not universal and has limited support of devices.

Here I want to share ability to have boot image item in grub with freedos installed for making possible boot into and update bios for Your mobo.

Install linux on everex stepnote sa2053 - boot options

Press F6, escape to close the pop-up window, and add
to the prompt, before the word "quiet".
Complete the installation process

MYSQL fix duplicates saving duplicated data with new id

CREATE PROCEDURE `max_wid` (OUT `y` int)
SELECT MAX(wid) into y from works;
CREATE PROCEDURE `first_dup` (OUT `t` int)
SELECT wid into t FROM works GROUP BY wid HAVING ( COUNT(wid) > 1 ) LIMIT 0,1;

The procedure itself - finding first duplicated data - and updating it to maximum possible id
After running this code till ZERO duplicates just create unique Primary key for Your table

Вірус - Відправ СМС. Ручне вбивство.

Windows Xp Professional RU
При завантаженні, ще до появи робочого стола відкривається чарівне віконечко з проханням "заплатітє за использование еротических ресурсов" а ля "трєбуйєцца мзда".
Ясне діло, що антивірус - безсилий, інакше ця стаття не з'явилась би.
Правда файли тіла віруса вже відправлені Comodo та McAfee - так що вирішення проблеми існує.
Полазивши трошки "шляхами віруса" я знайшов його модифікацію, яку DrWeb Online Checker визначив як Trojan.Winlock.591


Щоправда активним був не цей вірус, а його модифікація, на яку сканер не реагував...
Як побороти...

Nokia 6500 slider Free iSync plugin - 6500s-1

Do not sync Contacts+Calendar together!
Only Contacts or only Calendar!!!

Nokia 6500 slider iSync plugin free

Tested with iSync 3.0.2 at Leopard 10.5.6 and Nokia 6500s-1 (slider)

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