Making Rockchip RK3288 run Kodi/XBMC/Youtube

I have bougth this device and got an issue with overheating the CPU when used for video play by KODI/XBMC player. The same issues were with playing Youtube videos.
So I have decided to investigate an issue and first my thoughts were about software/firmware.
But when I opened the case I saw "heatsink".

Well. It was attached to CPU by using sort of glue, not the termal paste.

How to create dosboot image for grub for updating bios

I always having the issues during updating bios under linux/ubuntu.

All bios updaters developed by vendors for processing under DOS/Windows, but very small amount of them have thoughts about linux users.
I have written article about using flashrom application for updating bios in ubuntu/linux(in ukrainian), but it is not universal and has limited support of devices.

Here I want to share ability to have boot image item in grub with freedos installed for making possible boot into and update bios for Your mobo.

Mac OS X migration to new hardware. How-to upgrade your hardware without reinstalling OS.

This article was born due to my successfull hardware upgrade from ASUS P5K-SE to GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L.
After that I decided to write mini how-to that can help others with their feature upgrades for their Mac-ready hardware configurations.

Macintosh and Hackintosh repair

So. If You are planning to live with Mac OS - nice practice is working with USB2SATA adapter as repair solution when drivers failed to load Your system after software update or hardware upgrade.
Such devices are cheap and I see no problems for getting it.

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